From the Parish Priest

There were two remarkable moments in the story of the Old Testament where God saved his people; one was in the escape from Egypt – we’ll keep that for the Easter Vigil. The other was the end of their second exile, this time in Babylon, which we hear of today. Of course there was an even greater moment when God saved his people: the work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God – and we hear Jesus tell Nicodemus about that today. So today’s theme is “salvation”: but to understand “being saved”, we must ask “What from?” Saved from slavery, from exile, from human enemies – these are all clear. But the last and greatest salvation brought by Jesus is harder to understand: saved from sin and death. These threaten us as much as any other enemy, and our salvation in Jesus is as real as any other.

Lenten prayer to share: O God the night is dark, and the road before us long. Lead us as you once led your people across the desert. By the light of Christ lifted up on the cross, show us your way and lead us to the Promised Land opened for us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ through whom we pray. Amen