From the Parish Priest

There is no room in a good field for weeds and rubbish: so in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no room for ‘all things that provoke offences, and all who do evil’. They must be got rid of, for the sake of the good wheat, for the sake of the good subjects of the kingdom. But this weeding out will not take place until harvest time - in case one piece of good wheat is destroyed with the weeds. This shows the mercy of God: everyone has chance after chance to prove that they are wheat, not darnel; there are no quick judgements in the kingdom of heaven, and things are never as black and white as we think. Only at the end of time will evil stand out clearly, so that it can be disposed of, and only the Son of Man can judge.

Thank you for all your prayers as Fr Michael came out of hospital last Monday and is now convalescing for a while. He is very grateful for all your prayers and good wishes especially for his 40th anniversary of ordination.

We offer our congratulations to St Bernard’s Primary School for a very successful year and wishing Mrs Maguire, staff and children well deserved, safe and happy holidays.

We hope you have noticed the new St Bernard’s school signs with the Mission Statement of ‘Believe, Grow, Succeed’ which has been very evident this year!