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St. Bernard's Parish

Services and other events for the current week. (Parish Events)

Thoughts from our parish priest that were updated daily during the pandemic. (Sacristy Chatter)

Thoughts from our parish priest that are updated weekly. (From the Parish Priest)

Information about the process for getting your baby baptised (Baptism)

Information about Burnage Foodbank, which uses facilities at St. Bernard's. (Burnage Foodbank)

Parish Notices (Notices)

The Diocesan Restructuring, and its impact on St. Bernard's. (Diocesan Restructuring)

A Photograph Gallery that includes a pilgrimage and the interior of the church. (Photograph Gallery)

Information about the four large stained glass windows in the church. (Four Evangelists)

A history of the first 50 years of the parish. (Parish History)

Information about our patron saint. (St. Bernard)

A collection of our parish newsletters from the past few years. (Newsletters)