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From the Parish Priest

There is a strangely simple theme to this Sunday: that God has power over the forces of nature, because he created them in the first place. This is what the first reading tells us, and also what the gospel shows us, when Jesus “rebukes the wind”. This tells us something about Jesus (that he is God made man), and also something about our faith. It's also interesting that the disciples react to this miracle with fear and awe - as if their minds were suddenly opened to a reality they had not realised before. They had chosen to follow the Christ who had called them, but we see their understanding of who he is growing and developing. Perhaps this is of comfort to us, as we see our relationship with the Lord who controls the waters grow and develop, and alerts us to be ready for the surprises that following the Lord can bring.

We pray for the people of the parish of St. Margaret Clitherow, for Father Simon Firth, their parish priest, for their parish primary schools, St. Cuthbert’s High School, and for Springhill Hospice.