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Fr. Keane

Fr. Tangney had been planning to have St. Bernard's Church re-ordered and consecrated in the Jubilee year of the founding of the parish. This was not to be. Fr. Keane, who became Parish Priest in November 1989, carried through the plans. The sanctuary was re-ordered, and the interior and exterior of the church have been re-decorated. The extension to the Primary School was completed, and temporary classroom units obtained to cater for the marked increase in the number of Catholic pupils seeking places at the Primary School.

The article from which this history was taken was written in 1991 – only a short time after Fr. Keane arrived at St. Bernard's. Fr. Keane was to be the Parish Priest at St. Bernard's for an even longer period of time than Fr. Tangney had been. Perhaps, someone will continue the detailed parish history for the period following the Golden Jubilee.